Saturday, August 10, 2019

Golf Swing for Beginners: The Fundamentals For a Lifetime of Golf

 Golf Swing for Beginners: The Fundamentals For a Lifetime of Golf

Making the decision to start playing golf either as a pastime or as a profession is wonderful, because it is the GREATEST GAME IN THE WORLD. It is unbelievably challenging and at times frustratingly soul destroying. As a novice or a total beginner, please understand that you are entering into a sport that will change your whole attitude and possibly your lifestyle. I do not say this lightly, but it can be true. It can be most addictive once you start learning the basic requirements of the game. You will want to play more and more. I guarantee it.

The first requirement for golf is learning the correct way to swing a golf club that will give you distance and accuracy.

There are thousands of coaches teaching beginners their interpretation of the correct swing, and more times than not it is wrong. I agree there are certain ways you must grip the club which takes a little getting used to, but if you persevere with it, then it will become second nature to you.

My advice to you, is go with the grip that you feel most comfortable with. You will know the right grip shortly after you take a few swings and begin feeling relaxed as you make contact with the ball.

Finding distance at the start is not important, though I know every golfer loves to see the ball flying down the fairway, and it will come once you have mastered your swing.

It is really important that you understand the fundamentals first, and not look for, the two hundred and fifty plus yards right at the start, like I said above that longer distance from your golf drive will come, you just need the patience to practice the basics first and once you have done that I guarantee you, you will be driving your ball further than any of your opponents by twenty or thirty yards every game.

Now Like I said earlier there are thousands of coaches, Professional and Amateur out there teaching golf swings for beginners and every one dedicated to their way of teaching.

With some of them it is either their way or the highway. They leave no margin for how you feel about their instruction. Do not be taken in with this. It's your money and your game they are playing around with so do not continue if you are not comfortable with the lessons your game could be destroyed before you really get into it because of bad coaching and remember the way to success is practice.

Select the coaching program wisely and you are on the road to playing the greatest game on the planet.

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